Our Services

Leading Micro Financing Organization

Positive Purpose Finance Company Limited has been the leading micro financing organization since 2018. Our primary objective is the provision of Personal loans and Insurance Premium Financing. Positive Purpose Finance provides personal and insurance premium financing loans to Jamaican while offering a genuine focus on individual financial needs. 

What We’re Offering

Connecting All Your Loan Needs

Positive Purpose Finance is a Jamaican loan company. We offer small loans to customers over short periods, ranging from one month to one year.

Our Microloan

Business Loans

Positive Purpose Finance Business Loans help take small businesses to a higher financial level. Our microloan can help upgrade small businesses, restock your store, or buy new equipment.  Clients can borrow up from $50,000 up to $1 million secured, with up to 12 months to repay.

No Collateral

Payroll Loans

This loan facility is offered to employed persons and is generally repaid via salary deduction. No collateral security is required. The maximum loan granted is J$150,000 with repayment up to Six (6) months.

Up To 70 %

Insurance Premium Financing

Access our insurance premium financing facility to cover up to 70 % (subject to change from time to time) of insurance premiums on a motor vehicle or property. Loan range from 2 months to 6 months.

3 Days Approval

Personal Loans

Positive Purpose Personal Loans are available to private and public sector employees who have been permanently employed for at least six (6) months. Loans are approved in three days and are repaid through salary deduction or automatic clearing house (ACH) via BNS and Standing Order.